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About Us

At Kick 'n Grass DIY, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

Our Story

Have you ever wondered why dogs are surrendered to animal shelters? “Non-aggressive behavior issues”, “too many animals” and “housing” are in the top five reasons for owner surrender.

Behavior issues are mainly due to the lack of time spent with an animal in a positive fashion. Too many animals can become a costly upkeep between grooming, feeding and veterinary obligations .  In addition, housing can become overwhelming if animals cause a cleanliness problem.

Let’s fix this! Kick’n Grass is determined to build better bonds by offering a positive groom experience between you and your dog OR pack! That’s right, grooming is a pack action, just as pack animals take care of one another, you show your dog care by addressing its’ grooming needs!

Too many animals? Hair all over your house? When the rising prices of, well, just about everything get you down, just think that the quality time you schedule to spend with your dog(your #1 fan) can be complemented by a monthly subscription for unlimited access to an ergonomic facility dedicated to simplifying your hectic life.


The value is unmatched, where some facilities charge $10 for 10 minutes, at Kick N Grass DIY you have unlimited access!

Let’s kick some grass over this nonsense. Become a monthly subscriber and get these benefits:

  • access to tips and tricks exceeding all your grooming needs 

  • raise awareness to the positive effects of spending time grooming your pet 

  • help us raise money to find these animals homes


You get to feel good about your monthly subscription because Kick’n Grass will be donating 10% of proceeds to our local shelters!

Didn’t we get that pup to share experiences with? You are the most important person in their life, you are awaited  for every time you leave the house.


Dogs can tell time by the how long you’ve been gone by how your smell dissipates from its surrounding area… So, if you wonder how your dog knows when you should be arriving home again, that is how, their noses tell time!


Keep in mind: Package prices help cover the cost of cleaning supplies, dispensing product, energy, water, equipment maintenance, and space rental. We pride our ability to provide you with the coolest professional grooming equipment available.


An onsite vending machine allows you access to purchase additional grooming tools to meet the personal needs of your pet's coat: specialty shampoos and conditioners. Also featured: toys, treats and drinks for either you or your dog!

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