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Professional Grooming

Don't have time for DIY?

Let us groom your dog for you!

Grooming is blocked off and charged by time frame. Your dog is worked straight through. Please see the list below for current pricing.

Groomings will include everything booked time allows for at the needs of the dog; Nail clipping, nail dremeling, ears cleaned, dematting, deshedding, hair cut, bath, finished cut, flea treatment, conditioner treatment. Anal glands and ear plucking are ONLY done at the request of the owner at the time of the appointment.

If you are unsure of the time it should take to care for your pet, please speak with the groomer before booking as the groom will be completed at the timeframe selected to the best ability of both the dog and your groomer.

Pick up is at the end of the time blocked for grooming. Only book according to the time you have available to pick the dog up as there is no place to hold dogs at this location.


If you are unable to pick the dog up, do not book the dog.


Dogs who are not picked up at the end of their selected time slot will continue being charged for the timeframe they were left for.

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